Love is the Key® and Love on Key logo products are registered trademarks
of Love Line Inc,
and licensed to Stuller Inc, the exclusive manufacturer and distributor of “Love is the Key®” Fine Jewelry.

Love is the Key® started in 1994 with a simple idea: that Love is the Key® that would open all doors in life.

This idea inspired designer Andy Cain to create the first Love is the Key® necklace so we could all be

reminded of this powerful message. Whether that love is found in faith, family, friends, life, happiness or success,

Love is the Key® jewelry is designed to empower, support and inspire us to put love in everything we do.

“Put a Love is the Key® in your hand and you can feel the difference.
Give one as a gift and it will be remembered.”

Here at Love Line, Inc. we like to say; “put a little love in everything you do.” The results won’t disappoint you.

LOVE IS THE KEY® is the perfect commemorative gift for those you love.

Give one for your next celebratory occasion. It will wonderfully accompany any long-standing tradition in your life

and has enough heart to start a new one! And just like love, the Love is the Key® keepsake will

last for as long as you keep it, to be handed down from generation to generation.

We at Love Line, Inc. strive for integrity, responsibility, fun and, of course, love. And our Love is the Key®

keepsake helps us stay the course toward these goals.


Stuller and Love is the Key® 3/4" Yellow 14 K Gold

New Diamond Studded Square Love is the Key®

New from Love is the Key®! With the new year comes the release of our brand-new key pendant designs that feature a pure Sterling Silver pendant with “LOVE” in the center adorned with diamonds that highlight your declaration of LOVE! We are offering these two pendants at a special 25% off rate from now through Valentine’s Day, so come check them out today at

Love is the Key®/The Love Key Store


Licensed Exclusively to Stuller Inc.

by Love Line Inc

Love is the Key® Apparel

Love Line, Inc. Hemp & Bamboo T's 006

Share your love with the world.

Our eponymous logo in a striking solid pink on a soft, white t-shirt. Perfect for everyday activities from running errands to running a 5k to reading a book.

Bamboo is a sustainable fiber and the fabric in our shirts are a blend of 70% viscose from organic bamboo and 30% organic cotton. Bamboo is the fastest growing plant on earth, providing a sustainable, earth-friendly fabric, which feels like a blend of cashmere and silk that you are going to love wearing each and every day of the week.


Love is the Key® Chocolates


Love is the Key® Collection couture custom chocolates are handcrafted fresh with each order. Made in the finest Belgian tradition with the highest standard of Belgian chocolate, these chocolates deliver a delectable flavor profile that pleases even the world’s most discerning chocolatier. Perfect as a present or for presentation at dinner parties, wedding receptions, or other social gatherings.

Love is the Key® Coffee Mugs

Love Line, Inc. mugs 005

Each mug is made of stoneware individually hand thrown on a potter’s wheel by expert ceramicists. Durable, solid, and sturdy, the mugs feel great in your hand. Being hand thrown, all are almost identical but no two are exactly alike, making each mug a unique and individual piece whether you buy one or one dozen.

All mugs are “Glaze Engraved” with the Love is the Key® logo and are chocolate brown in color. Glaze Engraving is a new process in which the logo is cut directly into the clay and filled with glaze for an extraordinary level of clarity.

Made in the USA.


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