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“Do what you love and love what you do, success will find you”
“What you do in practice, you will do in the game”
“Practice, practice, practice”
“Good manners are the key to a gracious life”
“Keep your eye focused on your own excellent game and do not divert your eyes to what everyone else is doing or thinking”
“Choose your circle of friendships wisely with wise and true friends that share your fine values”
“You will find a way to open doors”
“There is no defeat with excellence. The cream always rises to the top”
“Surround yourself with excellence and be happy for your friend’s successes.  The glass of water elevates higher with more ice cubes added of excellent and high achieving friendships.”
“A winning team is comprised of excellent players, pick your team and friendships well to have a winning team”
“Find a partner in life that has ability, Ingenuity, love and integrity and together the two of you will build a life together that will be a wildly successful partnership that will be owned equally by you both.”
“Keep your faith at the center and raise your children daily with God as their maker, virtue as their daily bread and they will never depart it from it.”
“There is no whining in baseball.”
“Learn something new each day.”
“Don’t worry about where the ball goes, just throw it hard.”
“Keep your eye on the ball.”

Happy Father’s Day to all you Dads who shared great love and advice to your children! Cheers!

Show your little girl how much you love them.  Give them the Key of Love by LOVE LOVE IS THE KEY®




We at LOVE IS THE KEY® are excited to announce today a new addition to our product line: individually hand-thrown, glaze engraved coffee mugs. Come turn your morning cup of joe into a morning cup of LOVE.


Each mug is made of stoneware individually hand thrown on a potter’s wheel by expert ceramicists. Durable, solid, and sturdy, the mugs feel great in your hand. Being hand thrown, all are almost identical but no two are exactly alike, making each mug a unique and individual piece whether you buy one or one dozen.

All mugs are “Glaze Engraved” with the “Love Is The Key” logo and are chocolate brown in color. Glaze Engraving is a new process in which the logo is cut directly into the clay and filled with glaze for an extraordinary level of clarity.

Made in the USA.