L is looking at the stars with you!
O is opening golden doors, so true!
V is visions in a sky so blue!
E is every day as it perfectly grooves!


In the vast realm of fashion we embrace undiscovered iconic
symbols that become a significant influence on fashion and culture.
Now, Love is the Key is poised to be one of these fashion icons through the coming decades. We have recently signed an exclusive licensing deal that will help us share our message of LOVE through 50,000 retail stores worldwide. In the coming months, we will be featuring a new, expanded product line, and many other exciting bits of news about our growth. We can’t wait to share all the LOVE with you!
Love really does open doors!


“Put a LOVE IS THE KEY® in your hand and you can feel the difference.
Give one as a gift and it will be remembered.”


Could anything be more relaxing
than a day of me and you?
Because you love me and I
love you too.
We look dreamily at the sky
remembering the simple joys of a rainbow.
An image that says more than words.
The feel of floating like a translucent bubble
rising up to the clouds.
Because you love me and I
love you too.


“Put a Love Key in your hand and you can feel the difference.
Give one as a gift and it will be remembered.”

Love is a miracle~start to be amazed!

What can love be? Love is visualizing how beautiful and loving your world is every day. When you open the door with your own special Love Key, you remind yourself to be astounded by the visual beauty that is around you everywhere. Love is a miracle–start to be amazed!

Love Is The Key Online Store :

Reminder to make each day count: Love is the Key®

Love Is The Key Online Store :

Focus on being
the best that you can be.
Make each day count

Live greatly,
live abundantly, live fruitfully.

The things we do in our daily lives matters.
The LOVE IS THE KEY® pendants and other wonderful products reminds us every day.

Love Is The Key is a *Spiral of love that grows!*


There is a way to live
by treating each other with love,
kindness, and respect, where those
who are loved give you that love back.
This is a life of harmony, love given
and love received. This is a life
that increases the energy of love.
Watch how it grows! That is the key:
a spiral upwards, increasing the power
of love. Positive feelings grow and multiply,
creating a better world.
A world where Love is the Key.

LOVE IS THE KEY® can be purchased Online


Purchase Love Is The Key at local, Stuller Jewelry Stores or Online at

    •.¸.•´       LOVE IS THE KEY®
.. (                             To
/                      Today and Every Day

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for a special occasion and any occasion to share that
simple message of LOVE and that
love is the key to today and every day.




Love is the Key® is a registered trademark of Love Line Inc, and licensed to

Stuller Inc, the exclusive manufacturer and distributor of “Love is the Key®” product.

Love is the Key® started in 1994 with a simple idea: that Love is the Key® that would open all doors in life.

This idea inspired designer Andy Cain to create the first Love is the Key® necklace so we could all

be reminded of this powerful message. Whether that love is found in

faith, family, friends, life, happiness or success, Love is the Key® jewelry is designed to

empower, support and inspire us to put love in everything we do.



LOVE IS THE KEY® Heart & Love logo registered trademarks of LOVE LINE INC.

Love Is The Key ® Apparel

Love Is The Key ® Apparel


Love Is The Key® jewelry and apparel is more than a Brand.

It is a symbol and a message of LOVE

to each person around the world that will

express the most empowering message,

that LOVE is the KEY.


A fashion statement that is
classic, modern & fabulous
that you can mix with other pieces
you love for a fantastic
one of a kind look,
just like you!

Love is the Key® Key FOB

Love is the Key® was originally created in 1994 with the first  product, LOVE IS THE KEY® Jewelry logo. It was created to remind us of a simple message that we all sometimes seem to forget: Love Is The Key. The key is up to you, whether it means family, friends, life, happiness, or success, you will be kindly reminded of it every day.