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LOVE IS THE KEY® "put a little love in everything you do"

Happiness all the time pleases me! Happy Thanksgiving from Love is the Key®!

Love is sharing a perfect meal on Thanksgiving Day.
Love is giving and receiving.
Love is forgiving and mending.
Love is sharing and caring.
Love is facing the world together with peace and harmony.
Love is the Key® is a gift from the heart.

Happy Thanksgiving from Love is the Key®!

Love is the Key® Diamond Pendant

Love on Key logo for jewelry is a Registered Trademark of Love Line Inc and licensed exclusively by Stuller inc.

Fashion Brand of Apparel, Jewelry & Accessories: “Put a little love in everything you do!” Love is the Key®

Love Line, Inc. Hemp & Bamboo T's 006

Bamboo and Cotton Blend

Organic Woman’s

Love is the Key® Tee

Share your love with the world.

Our eponymous logo in a striking solid pink on a soft, white t-shirt. Perfect for everyday activities from running errands to running a 5k to reading a book.

Bamboo is a sustainable fiber and the fabric in our shirts are a blend of 70% viscose from organic bamboo and 30% organic cotton. Bamboo is the fastest growing plant on earth, providing a sustainable, earth-friendly fabric, which feels like a blend of cashmere and silk that you are going to love wearing each and every day of the week.

Our Story: Love is the Key® started in 1994 with a simple idea: that Love is the Key® that would open all the doors in life. This idea inspired designer Andy Cain to create the first Love is the Key® pendant so that we could all be reminded of this powerful message as we wear it every day. Whether that love is family, friends, faith, life, happiness, or success, the Love is the Key® jewelry is designed to empower, support, and guide us to a loving approach to “put a little love in everything that you do.”

To notice the splendor of the day, “put a little love in everything you do” Love is the Key®

Love is the Key reminds me
to notice the splendor of the day,
the merriment of each moment.
Summer and fall turn into happiness
until I feel the glistening of the first snow.
The spirit of this love I will always know.

“put a little love in everything you do”
Love is the Key®


L is looking at the stars with you!
O is opening golden doors, so true!
V is visions in a sky so blue!
E is every day as it perfectly grooves!

Hello world! Coming Soon: Aloha is the Key™ Another exciting brand by Love Line Inc Love is the Key®

Aloha is the Key™

Coming Soon!

Aloha is the Key™

by Stuller Fine Jewelry

Coming Soon!

Another exciting brand by Love Line Inc

Love is the Key®

What would it be like to have ONE KEY that OPENS ALL DOORS

If you could have only ONE KEY that OPENS ALL DOORS which one would it be?

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Could anything be more relaxing
than a day of me and you?
Because you love me and I
love you too.
We look dreamily at the sky
remembering the simple joys of a rainbow.
An image that says more than words.
The feel of floating like a translucent bubble
rising up to the clouds.
Because you love me and I
love you too.


“Put a Love Key in your hand and you can feel the difference.
Give one as a gift and it will be remembered.”

Love is a miracle~start to be amazed!

What can love be? Love is visualizing how beautiful and loving your world is every day. When you open the door with your own special Love Key, you remind yourself to be astounded by the visual beauty that is around you everywhere. Love is a miracle–start to be amazed!

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