In the vast realm of fashion we embrace undiscovered iconic
symbols that become a significant influence on fashion and culture.
Now, Love is the Key is poised to be one of these fashion icons through the coming decades. We have recently signed an exclusive licensing deal that will help us share our message of LOVE through 50,000 retail stores worldwide. In the coming months, we will be featuring a new, expanded product line, and many other exciting bits of news about our growth. We can’t wait to share all the LOVE with you!
Love really does open doors!


“Put a LOVE IS THE KEY® in your hand and you can feel the difference.
Give one as a gift and it will be remembered.”


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Love is a reciprocal process.  It is active.  It is effective.  It benefits another person.

Love is a commitment to truth and beauty in oneself, others and the world around us.

Give the Key to your Heart where it will be most appreciated, regarded and nurtured.

You deserve to be loved.

Love is the Key®

Love is the Key®. The perfect Mother’s Day gift!

Love is the Key®

“Put a LOVE IS THE KEY® in your hand and you can feel the difference.

Give one as a gift and it will be remembered.”

Love is the Key® was originally created in 1994 with the first Love Key product, The LOVE IS THE KEY®Jewelry logo. It was created to remind us of a simple message that we all sometimes seem to forget: Love Is The Key. The key is up to you, whether it means family, friends, life, happiness, or success, you will be kindly reminded of it every day. In addition to our signature Love Key jewelry, we offer Love Key chocolates and apparel, with new and exciting products incorporating our message of love being developed all the time.

Here at Love Line, Inc. we like to say; “put a little love in everything you do.” The results won’t disappoint you. The Love Key is the perfect commemorative gift for those you love. Give one for your next celebratory occasion. It will wonderfully accompany any long-standing tradition in your life and has enough heart to start a new one! And just like love, the Love Key keepsake will last for as long as you keep it, to be handed down from generation to generation. We at Love Line, Inc. strive for integrity, responsibility, fun and, of course, love. And our Love Key helps us stay the course toward these goals.